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A United States Air Force Veteran, Sean served in the Active Duty Air Force from 1999-2005 and in the Air National Guard from 2005 to 2014. While in the Air National Guard and attending college for Electrical and Computer Engineering, he met his lifelong love, Iza Reyes.

Elected in 2019 to Mebane City Council, Sean pledged to be a common-sense, bipartisan leader. He has delivered on that promise with bringing new ideas and new opportunities to Mebane, including a Development Grant program for the Historic Downtown and new jobs at United Parcel Service (UPS) as well as Lotus Bakeries (world famous for making Biskoff cookies).

Sean is ready to build on his early success and keep up the fight for the City of Mebane, he is running for re-election to Mebane City Council!

Sean and Iza at home
  • Smart Growth
  • Economy
  • Safety
Smart Growth

Ensuring we grow responsibly: The word is out that Mebane is the perfect place to be between the Triad and Triangle. As City leaders, we need to be ensuring that we are implementing Smart Growth across the City when new developments and industry want to come to town. That means making tough decisions and pushing back sometimes. Sean demonstrated that in the last 4 years and will commit to making sure we have a Mebane built for the needs of our citizens.

What’s next: Sean is will continue to fight and pushback on bad developments. Sean will continue to outreach, door knock, and make phone calls (regardless of whether he is up for election or not) to ensure he brings your thoughts and questions to the forefront of the conversation.v


Creating Good Jobs + Opportunity: Sean works in a Greensboro-based business that visits across North Carolina and has seen how politicians have forgotten about the region. It's time to bring back good paying jobs for everyone. In 2019 when running for City Council he promised to advocate for businesses and bring more job opportunities and he’s making that happen in a big way. And not just any job opportunities, those jobs that can train the local work force and pay good wages. We've got to watch out for those families already here in the Mebane.

What’s next: We’ve made big strides in Mebane and we need to continue to do right by the people of Mebane. Sean will fight for an economy that works for everyone – not just those at the top. We need to balance residential, commercial, and industrial growth. With this smart growth, we'll be able to continue to bring jobs to Mebane while also keeping taxes low. He’ll help continue to revitalize Clay Street with small business support and grants for building improvements. We are stronger together here in Mebane and must find way to support everyone in this amazing town.


Supporting our first responders and supporting programs: Sean believes we need to support our Mebane first responders and the supporting programs for children and families in the area. You chose to be hear in Mebane because we are a safe community. Together, we have to work together to continue to keep our Town safe. And working together can take many different approaches, whether that is supporting our first responders, working in volunteer programs, or assisting at our schools.

What’s next: Sean will continue to push for support in our budget for first responder support and programs. All residents' safety is paramount and investing in programs to foster community and safety will continue to be a priority in the City of Mebane budget.

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